Saturday, December 30, 2006

Buffalo Boy

Buffalo Boy

Experience the sights, sounds and “with the schools permission” smells of Indonesia
Take your students island hopping across the archipelago of Indonesia.

Although one nation, Indonesia is many islands inhabited by people of many different cultures and religions. Students learn that in some areas the traditional music is mainly body percussion, which Jumaadi gets the whole audience involved in. On other islands the conch shell is the main musical instrument, in other areas it’s full on drumming and of course the gamelan.

Whilst making a grass puppet, Jumaadi tells of how as a child he was a buffalo boy. He and the other boys would take the buffaloes out to graze. It wasn’t a hard job and the boys would amuse themselves under a shady tree by making their own versions of the traditional shadow puppets (wayang rumput) and performing for each other using puppets like the one he has just made.
Students are shown the Indonesian currency {the rupiah} and its value is explained and compared to the Australian dollar by talking about purchases students are familiar with like hamburgers and soft drinks.

Many aspects of the life of our northern neighbours both traditional and modern, including ceremonies, food, religion, art, culture and language are explored using photos, music, demonstrations, masks and puppets in this memorable fifty minute presentation.
To conclude Jumaadi explains the use of incense in his community as he fills the room with the sweet smell of burning incense.

Jumaadi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is a very accomplished, award winning artist whose work is regularly exhibited in galleries in Australia and Indonesia. He founded and established a community art centre in Indonesia aimed at enriching the lives of the community. The centre hosts regular, resident artists from Australia which enables them to build up a significant body of work and gives them international exposure and experience. He has been a radio broadcaster in Indonesia and still works as a freelance journalist. Recently he was ‘artist in residence’ at the Cowra Gallery in NSW and Melbourne’s Artplay Festival where he involved the community, making Indonesian grass puppets.

Jumaadi is an accomplished educator, artist and musician with true passion for the work he does.

Jumaadi: ABN 70 687 878 006
Primary Version Suitable for:- K & Preps 6.Secondary Version suitable for:- 7 to 10.
Cost: $4.95 per student ($4.50 + $0.45 GST) Minimum Audience Size: 120.
Times: Show is 50 minutes long. 40 minutes to set up & 30 minutes to pull down.
Requirements: A performing area of 4m deep by 5m wide.

Lukisan Jumaadi

Lukisan-lukisan Jumaadi adalah lirik tentang isi hati
Ungkapan peristiwa dalam jerohan.
Nyanyian Kalbu
Peristiwa-peristiwa dalam mitologi pribadi yang mampu
Menjamah ingatan kolektif kita.

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