Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jumaadi winning the John Couburn Prize

Judges Comments

The Judges were deeply impressed by the diverse intentions of the artists who submitted – everything from an expression of lived experience, of spiritual commitment/journey, through to work that investigated the problems of religious ideology as they are played out through politics and culture in global life.

The work by Jumaadi was awarded the inaugural John Coburn emerging artist award. Like a broken- up and laid out manuscript, this painting engages us with multiple scenarios. Evoking the multiplicity of experiences and giving vignettes in the confusing lives of its actors, it references much in art as it does in life which causes one to pause, consider, and yet enjoy its street -wise comic -book illustrations , as well as its deft intelligence. Viewing this work, like judging the Blake prize itself ,was like sitting in a gallery of restless stories. One judge commented: "I was moved by the way artists retell old memories [differently] and weave new stories with old strands, inviting me to wander across storyworlds and songlines. My hope is that those restless stories inspire restless retellings.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tuesday, January 9, 2007



Alam Buatan Jumaadi tanpa pagar - tanpa gapura, “Minu-mental”, mini tapi “monumental”. Terbuka untuk umum, gratis dan perlu dilihat. Di buka oleh Konsul jenderal pukul 18.30, rabu 24 Januari di Pusat kebudayaan Prancis Jalan Darmo kali 10 Surabaya.

Lukisan-lukisan Jumaadi adalah lirik tentang isi hati.
Ungkapan peristiwa dalam jerohan.
Nyanyian Kalbu.
Peristiwa-peristiwa dalam mitologi pribadi
yang mampu menjamah ingatan kolektif kita.

WS Rendra,Cipayung 2005

lukisan jumaadi

Lukisan Jumaadi

Monday, January 8, 2007






Welcome to my little world, it is a world within a world, within my dream, within my drawing and painting. An artist is an artist, wether you were born like that or like this. Art is to make or not to make.