Saturday, May 1, 2010

south australia

I love south Australia. If i m not in Asutralia, perhaps this kind of landscape is the one tht i miss so much about this place. It s dry, windy, a bit of sadness and melancholy.

3 weeks a go. I ve just finished my residency in western NSW with its dry and silence landscape where i made lots of paintings and brew many ideas. But as soon as i arrived in Sydney, ah i miss South Australia so much.... not the landscape but the city of Adelaide. I love the museum which have great collection of art from Pacific islands. But I also missed some people.

Out of the blue, the University of Flinders called me and ask me if i want to present my story. They asked me to talk about my art practice and fly me over, gave me an accommodation and pocket money :P Well. I went and it was magic... everything was magic....


Vivienne said...

Hi Jumaadi, I found you across the dry country! You might not like to be tempted back to Sydney, but wondered if I were successful in getting a grant, whether you would like to work with Nadia Wheatley and the Indonesian Women's Group to create an Indonesian Bilingual Children's Book? Drawing out the stories, drawing out the aesthetics... what do you say. I'm is good Vivi

JUMAADI said...

great. I m in






Welcome to my little world, it is a world within a world, within my dream, within my drawing and painting. An artist is an artist, wether you were born like that or like this. Art is to make or not to make.